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Whether you’re a clinician seeking flexible work opportunities or a healthcare facility needing to fill open shifts, our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find the perfect match.

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1st Ameristaff offers a streamlined staffing solution for both healthcare professionals and facilities. Join a network of exceptional healthcare professionals and unlock your potential with our competitive rates and innovative workforce solution. Seamlessly manage your staffing needs and supplement your workforce with top-quality external talent through our cutting-edge technology. Experience the future of healthcare staffing with 1st Ameristaff.

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The 1st Ameristaff difference

At 1st Ameristaff, we challenge the status quo in healthcare staffing. Our approach connects healthcare facilities directly with qualified W-2 workers who are interested in local contract and per diem shifts, bringing transparency to both clinicians and organizations. This unexpected approach allows you to focus on what matters most: caring for patients.

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Log in to your account to view and claim available shifts in your area. With 1st Ameristaff's extensive network of healthcare facilities, you'll have access to a range of opportunities.

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Choose from a variety of open shifts and receive payment quickly.

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Transform your workforce

Our all-in-one resource management tool streamlines engagement with your full-time workforce and float pools, reducing reliance on external agencies and travel nurses while boosting retention rates and cutting labor costs.

Imagine having your entire workforce in one system, with the same cutting-edge analytics used to manage all your healthcare professionals. With access to this innovative technology, hospitals, health systems, and skilled nursing facilities can optimize their labor portfolio, lower expenses, and stabilize their workforce.

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Local first

Our approach is simple: we always start by finding local professionals first. Why? Because we believe that locals tend to stay longer and are more familiar with the facility cultures in their home region. This makes for a better fit all around.

Think of us as the premium option for healthcare staffing, akin to how high-end grocery stores prioritize locally sourced, fresh, and top-quality products to serve their customers. Our focus is on connecting you with skilled and dedicated local healthcare professionals committed to delivering exceptional patient care. With 1st Ameristaff, you can be confident that you’re choosing the most reliable and effective staffing solutions for your facility.

Empowerment at Your Fingertips: 
Flexible Opportunities for Clinicians and Partners

Experience unmatched flexibility with 1st Ameristaff

As a clinician or a partner, you hold the power to control where you work, your schedule, and your pay, all as a W-2 employee.

Empower your workforce

Expand your on-demand flex pool or hire for local contract work directly and transparently with 1st Ameristaff.

Take control of your life

You deserve a more flexible schedule that accommodates your personal life. At 1st Ameristaff, we understand your needs and are here to support you every step of the way.

Save big on labor costs

Reduce overtime, eliminate unnecessary fees, and save more as you hire through 1st Ameristaff.

A Streamlined Solution for Healthcare Staffing

Looking to fill open shifts quickly and efficiently? Look no further. With our cutting-edge technology integrations with top scheduling platforms, you can manage your staffing needs seamlessly and with lower costs. Whether you’re a health system looking to reduce travel costs or a skilled nursing provider aiming to maximize occupancy, 1st Ameristaff is here to help.

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Better Outcomes for Healthcare Providers and Patients at Every Level of Care

At 1st Ameristaff, we’re committed to supporting healthcare providers across the continuum of care, including health systems and hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and in-home care providers. Our staffing solutions are designed to be flexible, helping you to reduce external labor costs and maximize the efficiency of your internal staff. With a network of reliable and qualified healthcare professionals, we’re here to fill shifts and provide continuous, high-quality care to your patients.

Health Systems & Hospitals

Reduce external labor costs and improve staffing efficiency with 1st Americare's flexible staffing solutions.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

At 1st Ameristaff, we understand the staffing challenges that skilled nursing facilities face. That's why we offer cost-effective solutions to fill shifts faster and easier than ever before.

In-Home Care Providers

You can trust us to match you with the right caregiver who will provide compassionate and personalized care to your loved ones.

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The Nursing Jobs App That Puts You in Control

Finding a work-life balance can be tough, but with our nursing jobs app, it’s easy. As an RN, LPN, or CNA, you have the power to choose when, where, and how often you work, giving you the flexibility you need to fit work into your life. With our user-friendly and intuitive app, you can easily browse available shifts and facilities, and we’ll help you prepare for your first day on the job. You focus on providing quality patient care, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How we help

We’re dedicated to finding the perfect match between our employees and your facility. We understand that your staffing needs require careful attention, which is why our team ensures that every placement is the right one. 

For our healthcare professionals, we provide personalized support to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Our experienced recruiters take the time to listen to your needs, and we offer a competitive pay package with industry-leading benefits to make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way. With our expansive network of exceptional jobs across the country, we’re committed to finding the right fit for you.

For our clients in hospitals and facilities, we’re a true staffing partner. We’re dedicated to finding and vetting the perfect candidates for your facility, so you can focus on providing the highest quality patient care and improving your workplace culture. With our team on your side, you can trust that your staffing needs are in good hands.

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