For Our Clients

Locating the proper professional to cover unexpected absences, employee time off, or hiring restrictions can prove to be a daunting task. However, 1st Ameristaff has simplified and expedited the talent search process, allowing for swift and efficient resolutions to staffing gaps. 

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By tailoring your request to appeal to nurses and highlighting your facility’s exceptional features, such as your inclusion in Best Of lists, designations like Magnet or Level 1 Trauma Center, work culture, and locations, we make sure to attract top talent.  

Our algorithms can identify over 70 specialties and 250 skills, including specific ICU and OR skills, to ensure we make the right hire for you, saving your facility both valuable time and money.

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Cut costs and take control with a flexible staffing program

Tired of rising staffing fees and overtime expenses eating into your profits year after year? Look no further. Our flexible workforce program puts you in control. Access a pool of clinicians interested in local contracts or shift work directly. Take the first step towards greater control over your workforce expenses.

Maximizing Your Staff's Potential

Efficient Resource Deployment

We've developed a model that allows you to get the most out of your current staff by efficiently deploying resources across other departments or facilities. No more spreadsheets to manage your float pools - our model streamlines the process for you.

Access More, Save Time

Say goodbye to marketing and recruiting work. We take care of it all and introduce you to pre-vetted professionals without any clutter. Access more qualified candidates in less time.

Control Your Hiring Process

Expand your on-demand pool and hire for local contract work. Even better, there are no buyout fees if you choose to convert to full-time. You have complete control over who and how you hire.

Effortless Staffing

Gone are the days of sifting through countless resumes and tedious recruitment. With our platform, you can easily define your work requirements by discipline and access pre-vetted healthcare professionals who are interested in your organization.

Flexibility for All: Expand Your Workforce

Don’t let staffing constraints hold you back. Contact us today and discover how our platform can help you expand your workforce and operate more efficiently.

Who We Support

Our platform isn't just for part-timers - we support a wide range of clinicians, including full-time employees seeking extra income, healthcare professionals tapping into the gig economy, and parents in need of flexible schedules. We also welcome retiring nurses looking to scale back and many more.

Disciplines We Support

We support a range of clinical disciplines, including RNs, LPNs, CNAs, MAs, therapists, technicians, and many more. No matter what type of healthcare professional you need, we can connect you with top talent.

In-Home Care Providers

You can trust us to match you with the right caregiver who will provide compassionate and personalized care to your loved ones.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions with 1st Ameristaff

Addressing talent shortages and staffing gaps

Talent shortages due to unexpected vacancies, employee vacations, or hiring freezes can be costly and time-consuming for healthcare facilities. With 1st Ameristaff’s online marketplace, you can access a pool of qualified healthcare professionals quickly and cost-effectively.

How It Works for Facilities

Once you sign up for an account with 1st Ameristaff, you can log into our online marketplace, post your open shifts, and qualified professionals will pick up those shifts. Want to learn more about it? Contact us today to sign up!

Why Do Facilities Use 1st Ameristaff's Marketplace?

We’ve simplified and accelerated the process for locating talent and addressing shortages and staffing gaps, so you can find the professionals you need quickly and easily, saving your facility precious time and money.

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Why Choose 1st Ameristaff?

Resolve Staffing Challenges and Cut Costs on Healthcare Labor

We offer the most extensive and diverse network of licensed CNAs, STNAs, GNAs, LPNs, and RNs available for per diem, short-term, long-term, or permanent work. Gone are the days of worrying about unexpected overtime, unemployment claims, worker’s compensation, or payroll taxes.

Start Improving Shift Coverage Today

We support our healthcare professionals so they can support you. 1st Ameristaff offers a complete range of incentives to help them achieve personal and professional success, enabling them to deliver exceptional care to your patients.

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Your Comprehensive Workforce Partner

1st Ameristaff is an on-demand healthcare workforce marketplace that provides flexible and cost-effective local labor to healthcare providers nationwide. As a trusted workforce partner, we can assist you in cutting costs by utilizing our allied health workers to establish a balanced and adaptable workforce.


Our extensive network enables you to fill shifts quickly and reduce recruitment costs.


Wages alone may not be enough to retain employees. We offer day 1 benefits, same-day pay, and contract completion bonus, to empower nurses and allied health workers, and encourage them to stay with your organization.


Our innovative technology takes the guesswork out of staffing, making it easier and faster to fill shifts. We rebalance your FTE and outside labor portfolio, ensuring optimal staffing levels across all inpatient and outpatient areas.


We understand the staffing challenges healthcare leaders face and offer solutions to help achieve a sustainable staffing model. We provide tools to help reduce overall expenses while still engaging and attracting your workforce.